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Mobilize Adolescent and Youth voices into Youth Empowerment platforms, programs and initiatives in Community and Development Work.


Equip Adolescent and Youth voices into Youth Empowerment platforms, programs and initiatives in Community and Development Work.


Empower young people to be social agents of change through use of evidence-based program in delivering quality SRHR content

Youth Empowerment Movement Kenya (YEM Kenya)

We Envision

An empowered young person free from discrimination, healthy and prosperous.

We envision a world where everyone has access to SRHR and that they are equally and consistently engaged throughout this process. YEM Kenya has been committed to advancing SRHR education through media and digital platforms with an aim of reaching young people with correct, factual and reliable information including referrals.

What we do

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The main objective of our programs is to Promote Sexual Reproductive health and rights of young people including young people living with disabilities, HIV and LGBTIQ community.

We Mobilize, Equip and Empower

How we work

Meaningful Youth Involvement

Meaningful Youth Involvement

Our programs meaningfully involve and engage young people in design, implementation, and review

Data Driven Approach

Data-driven approach

We use an evidence-based program in delivering quality and context specific content

Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

Promote national and regional youth-led initiatives focused on the implementation and accountability of SRHR

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Words from our community


YEM Kenya is seriously cool for spreading the word and getting real about Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) services for young folks. They've got the scoop on the essential SRHR stuff, making sure you've got the goods for reproductive health, dealing with gender-based violence (SGBV), and putting a stop to sketchy practices.
YEM Kenya plays a vital role in promoting and facilitating access to SRHR for both key beneficiaries and the broader youth population. Their multifaceted approach encompasses the promotion of essential SRHR services, ensuring the availability of reproductive health commodities, addressing issues related to (SGBV), and combating harmful practices.
YEM Kenya inafanya kazi nzuri kabisa katika kuhamasisha ufikiaji na utoaji wa Huduma za Afya na Haki za Uzazi wa Kujamiiana kwa faida ya walengwa muhimu na vijana kwa ujumla. Wanasisitiza pakubwa kuhusu pakiti muhimu ya SRHR, kuhakikisha bidhaa za afya ya uzazi zinapatikana, kukabiliana na unyanyasaji wa kijinsia na vitendo viovu.
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