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Crisis pregnancy centres for rape survivors not a cure

Crisis pregnancy centres for rape survivors not a cure

The emergence of crisis pregnancy centres in the country is a problematic solution to the woes of the survivors of sexual violence who are pregnant as a result of rape or even defilement. Most of the centres are replete with misinformation and hinder access to vital services to the rape survivors, such as safe abortion.

The “Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) 2014” shows 14 per cent of women and six per cent of men aged 15-49 reported having suffered sexual violence. The government has enacted several laws and has policies and regulations to prevent and control all forms of violence against women and children. They include the Bill of Rights in the Constitution and the Sexual Offences Act 2006.

The Constitution and The National Guidelines on Management of Sexual Violence in Kenya say termination of pregnancy and post-abortion care in the event of pregnancy from defilement and rape is a key right of a survivor of sexual violence. Nobody should force or manipulate survivors of rape or defilement to keep a foetus they don’t want — one that would continuously remind them of the painful non-consensual ‘act’ that they endured.

Most of these centres receive support from conservative national and local government leaders and are led by powerful religious organisations nationally, regionally and even globally. Across Africa, and in Kenya to be specific, many of them incorrectly inform rape and defilement survivors and are fed by medical myths surrounding access to safe abortion, which is their right as a victim.

Access to safe abortion

Women face moral judgement at almost all the centres when they ask for access to safe abortion. For example, women who were raped as a result of incest were reportedly told they had “no right to take away the ‘baby’s life”. Many were told they would be committing ‘murder’ if they aborted. 

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      i appreciate what you guys come upfront and do helping all genders in the society irrespective of what they may have gone through ….remember that someone out here sees what you do no matter if you are a service provider or a volunteer you are well appreciated

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