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My African Family Is... Art Competition


What does family mean to you? Let us challenge the narrow meaning of family. Embrace diverse families, show care, & support. We need to end the discriminative structures towards the diverse forms of families. What is the Real and the African Narrative that we don’t always show, share and speak about? Who is Family? Is it capped at father, mother, baby? is your family only capped at this? Aside from the nuclear family, Our/My family has Single mothers, divorced parents, polygamous families, adopted kids, sex workers, child headed households, LGBTQ+, Intersex children, People living with HIV, kids with different dads, surrogate moms, Children born from IVF, gender diverse, queer families, two mom families, two dads families, transgender parent/s families, non-binary and gender non-conforming parents families, asexual parents families, chosen families etc & we love them all. They’re family & they belong.

Call for Entries

The following are the Submission Guidelines for this entry;

Deadline – Friday, End of Day (11:59pm EAT) 12th May 2023 – No submission submitted past this time will be accepted for this entry

How to submit the Art… the entries allowed are…

1. Painting – upto two paintings per entry per person
2. Drawing – upto 4 two per entry per person – preferably a page
3. Fine, Street, Digital, chalk, modern, graphic, Visual, Pop Art – upto 2 artistic arts per entry per person
4. Music, poems, poetry, spoken word, free style, choral verse, song, Rap, Verse, dance, drama, short film, podcast, performing arts, vlog, videos, story etc – for visual & sound, 1.30 – 2 mins max
5. Photography, motion pictures – upto 2 entries per entry per person
6. Sculpture

7. Poster, 1 pager comic story lines.. Animation
8. Literature – articles, blogs, opinions, stories
9. Modeling

How to enter/Apply/submit

  • Send in your art to our work line WhatsApp number (+254 795552501 or click this link and you will be right in our inbox: Add me as a contact on WhatsApp. https://wa.me/qr/QBD4FAWLXXGPC1 ) with your name, email, where from, number and social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, & in 2 lines explain your concept/entry – feel free to also send the entry on email via ymovementkenya@gmail.com with the subject – Who is my Family Entry
  • Countries within the East African Community/Region are ELIGIBLE to apply; Namely; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania only!