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The main objective of our programs is to Promote Sexual Reproductive health and rights of young people including young people living with disabilities, HIV and LGBTIQ community;
  • YouCan: Creating an enabling environment for the provision of contraceptive services among adolescents and young people. Young people taking collective action is a regional project that is implemented in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania on reduction of stigma on access to CSE and Contraception.
  • Online/Digital Advocacy & Campaigns on SRHR: Using digital media to mobilize public support on prioritizing SRHR information, services and programing
  • Organizational Development: YEM Kenya has been focusing to develop, improve its structures and systems.  This include development of policies, purchasing of assets that will enhance its work.
  • SRHR Projects and programs: Young people inclusion in sexuality education which is a project that was looking at the impact of COVID on access to SRHR.
  • Online Campaigns and Articles: YEM Kenya develops several campaigns around its area of focus to increase in access of SRHR for all adolescents and young people.
  • Opposition Monitoring, Countering and Mitigation around SRHR issues: Particularly Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Human Rights In Kenya and East Africa, Contraception. We gather intel and are able to pre-empt activities that are changing the narrative.

We target the adolescents and young people in all their diversities. We do not discriminate based off sex, social status, persons with disabilities amongst other intersectional factors.

We work with our beneficiaries to change the narrative on access, provision and uptake of comprehensive SRHR information, services, commodities and services.

YEM Kenya primarily works in Kenya, but we have been part of some regional projects that work on SRHR issues. We hope to explore how to increase regional engagement to advance SRHR for all adolescents and young people within the East African Region where we have continued to popularized the EAC SRH Bill to advance SRHR within the EAC.